Turning the maintenance of public facilities into an operational and business advantage.

Public sector operations are under intense pressure to cut costs everywhere and do more with less. Because NETWORK® has more than 40 years of experience improving efficiencies, simplifying supply chain systems, and delivering solutions that lower total costs, we are an ideal public sector partner.

From federal, state and local agencies to primary, secondary and higher education, NETWORK has the expertise public-supported facilities need to help safeguard the health and wellness of employees, attendees and visitors, while also improving productivity. As a category specialist with expertise across a number of core product lines, NETWORK can provide the single-source accountability your operation needs. Plus, by applying best practices honed in the private sector, NETWORK provides unmatched insight and comprehensive operational and business process improvement plans.

NETWORK partners with top suppliers across critical product categories to deliver the most innovative solutions for maintaining facilities and driving down costs. Click here to see some recent examples of how NETWORK has helped public sector customers achieve their goals.

Our flexible programs and local market expertise are just two of the benefits NETWORK offers. NETWORK also delivers:
  • Product standardization and optimization
  • Access to multi-location contract systems with pre-negotiated prices
  • Improved efficiency in the bidding process
  • Sustainable products and practices
  • Centralized ordering, billing and reporting for better accountability at reduced expense
  • Customized training programs and process improvements that are scalable and accessible

For more information about NETWORK’s solutions for the public sector, click here or call us at 800.683.0334.